New Mexico Guided Antelope Hunting

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Pronghorn Antelope Hunting in New Mexico

Trophy Antelope Hunting on Hundreds of Thousands of Acres

New Mexico is home to some of the best Antelope hunting in the United States. These crafty animals love to hang out in the open plains, which makes for a very exciting hunt.

Our outfitter has access to hundreds of thousands of acres and have taken Boone & Crockett caliber antelope every year.

About Our New Mexico Pronghorn Antelope Hunts

What to Expect on the Hunt

The hunt starts at day break when we load into our trucks. We travel the roads looking for herds of Antelope and don’t stop until we find them. When hunting Antelope with us, expect to see about 12-25 different Antelope bucks every day, along with does. Our professional guides are constantly on the lookout for monster bucks.

When we see a group, we’ll stop the truck and look to see if there is a shooter. Once a shooter is located, the stalk is on. Most of the time, Antelope are out in the middle of open plains, which makes the stalk that much more exciting.

We make sure to ask our hunters their comfortable rifle or bow range, and our guides will do their best to get at least that close before signaling to take the shot.

What's Included:

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