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Premier Predator Hunting in New Mexico

New Mexico is home to amazing predator hunting including Mountain Lion, Black Bear, Coyotes, Bobcats, and Fox. These hunts are either done by using calls (coyote, bobcat, fox) or dogs (mountain lion & black bear).

New Mexico Mountain Lion Hunting with Dogs

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Hunting Mountain Lions/Cougars in New Mexico is an experience you will never forget. Watching our pack of dogs chase the 4th largest cat in the world is nothing short of amazing. Our dogs will chase after cats that are over 100 lbs and we are mainly only looking to tree toms. In New Mexico, we have seen toms upwards of 190 lbs.

Once the dogs catch the scent of a big cat, they will quickly work to tree it. Once the mountain lion is treed, the hunter will come in and look for the ethical shot.

Mountain Lion hunts can be very physically demanding since you’re chasing dogs and cats around all day. Please be sure to get in decent shape before coming on the hunt!

Black Bear Hunting with Dogs in New Mexico

New Mexico is home to amazing black bear hunting. Our outfitter hunts black bear with dogs, which is always an exciting hunt. Our professional guides and dog handlers check bait sites for fresh sign of mature black bears, then release the dogs to pick up its scent and find it. Once they find it, the bear will either tree or stand up against the tree, which will be the opportunity for our hunters to step up and take an ethical shot.

All of our bear hunting is 100% fair chase and we strive to only shoot mature males. Our hunters have the choice to hunt with rifle, bow, or muzzleloader, as long as it is during the correct season. We have several private leases for our hunters that consist of hundreds of thousands of acres, as well as hundreds of thousands of public land as well.

These hunts can be physically challenging since you’re following the dogs around all day, so please come prepared and in shape.

New Mexico Coyote, Bobcat & Fox Hunting

Our outfitter has access to hundreds of thousands of public land as well as private land. All hunting areas are loaded with these predators. When you hunt with us, you will be accompanied by a professional guide and predator caller that is sure to make an exciting hunt. You can expect to shoot multiple predators each day.

This hunt isn’t very physically demanding as our guides will call the predators into shooting distance. Our hunters will be expected to hike to the calling spot, but we will be seated going forward as we wait for the predators. If you’re looking for a hunt without a dull moment, this is for you!

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